domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2008

Farm - Lehigh Valley PA

Farm - Lehigh Valley PA, originally uploaded by ego2005.

Mi primera participación en el Virtual Sketch Date


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BMoon dijo...

Nicely the fields of golden real. Beautiful painting.

Caroled dijo...

Beautiful watercolor full of light.... see you like the Astronomy Picture of the day!!! Its my homepage and I change my desk top with ones I love...

The Happy Painter dijo...

Very nice and light-filled! (This was my first time too.)

Sherry dijo...

It's great to see you posting at the Virtual Sketch Date! I enjoyed your loose and bright watercolor of this scene.

Timeless River dijo...

Nice work..i really like the colors...Bright and cheerful.

Sydney Harper dijo...

Nice work, so light and airy. I like the fields in the foreground.

laura dijo...

I love the way you handled the trees and the field; also how youmade the buildings more prominent. Wonderful balance of bright and nuetral colors too!

Regina Calton Burchett dijo...

Good job on the buildings - I admire all of you who completed this in watercolor - very much of a challenge in my view. Bueno!

Jan Pope dijo...

Very nice. Nice buildings and trees.

Leslie dijo...

I am partial to your color in the cornfield.
Hope you'll do the Virtual Sketch Date again!

ego2005 dijo...

Thanks all of you for the comments!

BMoon: thanks for your comment!

Caroled: Yes, I also like APD! so we have at least two things in common! Thanks!

The Happy Painter: Congrats! nice beginning!

Sherry: Thanks for your comments!

Timeless River: I appreciate your nice comments!

Sydney Harper: I glad you liked the watercolor. Thanks!

laura: Thank you for your point comments!

Regina Calton Burchett: Thanks for your comments! Gracias!

Jan Pope: Thanks!

Leslie: I apprecciate your comments, I will try harder next time, of course, in the next VSD!

To all, happy holidays!!!

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