miércoles, 22 de abril de 2009

Virtual Sketch Date Rhododendron bud APRIL 2009 REFERENCE

La referencia de este mes para el Virtual Sketch Date es una foto ad hoc para la temporada de primavera y la pascua, una foto de Rhododendron o en español, una azalea!

Espero les guste!

The reference of this mont for the Virtual Sketch Date is an ad hoc image for the season, spring and Easter, a beautiful Rhododendron bud!

Hope you like it!


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BMoon dijo...

Love how you added so much visual interest with the background, and yet the flower is still the start of the show!

Debbie dijo...

Nice job!

Paulette dijo...

Nice loose work, well done!

ego2005 dijo...

BMoon: Thanks for your kind comment, more of the credit is also for the reference image!

Debbie: Thanks!

Paulette: Thanks! I liked the loose style this time.

Lori Forester dijo...

Thank you for you kind comment on my drawing. I love yours. Very free and well done. The background you have done is wonderfully interesting.

Victoria on Okinawa dijo...

I love the lightness in this one, I since the cool breezes blowing thru the petals. Thank you for your kind comment at my blog.

Jennifer Rose dijo...

very spring looking :D love what you did to the background!

ego2005 dijo...

Thanks Lori Forester!
A pleasure to participate in this growing artist net!

Victoria on Okinawa: Thanks, a pleasure!

Jennifer Rose: Thanks, glad of the background result!

Sydney Harper dijo...

I like how you captured the essence of the background without it being overwhelming. It's a nice loose painting!

TeresaW dijo...

Wow, you got the background in. I chickened out on mine because I thought it would make it to busy. You have done a nice job without making it look cluttered.

I like it.

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