domingo, 22 de febrero de 2009

Febrero en el Virtual Sketch Date

Para ver la foto en flickr, da click aquí.

El reto de este mes (Febrero 2009) en el blog Virtual Sketch Date fue una magnífica foto de Debbie Later. La foto original la pueden ver aquí.

En esta ocasión, la técnica que utilicé fue una mixta, con tinta y acuarela, para enfatizar los detalles de las montañas, el bosque y los arbustos, la nieve y sus reflejos en el agua fueron mantenida en el blanco del papel con enmascarador, el resto fue acuarela con diferentes tonos, el más difícil de obtener fue el azul turquesa que lo hice con azul cielo, verde claro y algo de blanco.

Espero lo disfruten!



To see the image in flickr, click here.

The challenge this month (February 2009) in the Virtual Sketch Date blog was a magnificent photo of Debbie Later. You can see the original image here.

In this time, I used a mixed technique, ink and watercolor, to emphazise the mountains, wood and bushes details; the whites of snow and their water mirror images were kept on the paper with masking fluid; rest of the colors were directly from the color palette, except the turquoise, which was made with cerulean blue, emerald and white.

Hope you enjoy it!


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Karel Tuinart dijo...

Nice work José! I like you color full work on the VSD, Lake Louise challenge!

ego2005 dijo...

Thanks Karel Tuinart!

Gail dijo...

Hey your rendition especially how you captured the contrast with the mountains that are in shadow. I would love to add ink to my paintings but haven't worked up the nerve yet. Thanks for the view.

ego2005 dijo...

Thank you Gail!!!

Ann dijo...

I really like your interpretation of the reference. This feels very fresh and lively with that color palette and expressive line. Nicely done!

TeresaW dijo...

This is lovely. I like the way that the ink detailing has pulled the whole thing together.

Quilt Knit dijo...

Wonderful technique Jose!
Very intense blue.
Sherrie Roberts

ego2005 dijo...

Thank you Ann, TeresaW and Quilt Knit! all your comments are highly appreciated!

Ramana KV dijo...

I like how you used the pen to accentuate the painting.. It works very well.. The distant mountains are well done..

ego2005 dijo...

Ramana KV:

Thank you for your comments, highly appreciated! Using ink pen can lead to heaven or hell, but it appears in this case was heaven!

Thanks again!

MILLY dijo...

I like your clean bright colours and by using the black lines to add little touches of detail you have a lovely picture. Ink certainly has worked well for you.

ego2005 dijo...

Thank you MILLY!!!


Ana Tirolese dijo...

This is lovely. You did an excellent job on this.

ego2005 dijo...

Thank you Ana Tirolese!


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